This was Princess Diana’s favorite perfume

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Harry reveals what kind of perfume his mother use to wear

The royals always look very put together. They do their hair, wear nice outfits and expensive jewelry. But it turns out that the royals like to smell good too. And Prince Harry reveals in his book Spare what perfume his mother liked to wear.

Royal perfumes

For some members of the royal family we know exactly what kind of perfume they’re wearing. For example; Kate Middleton’s favorite perfume is by a brand called Jo Malone. The scent is called ‘Orange Blossom’ and according to Hello! Magazine, she smells like “A fresh, crisp garden oasis, orange blossom, water lily.” People who have run into her have said that the Princess of Wales always smells delicious. The late Queen’s go-to perfume brand is believed to be Floris London. Which allegedly smells like “A fine rose bush after a soft summer rain”.

But now, Prince Harry talked about his mother’s favorite scent, something that we didn’t know about Lady Di yet.

Diana’s favorites

Even though people have been talking about Princess Diana’s favorite perfume, Prince Harry puts an end to all the speculations in his book Spare. He talks about how he had to bring a bottle of his mother’s favorite perfume with him to a therapy session. He had asked his aunt for the name of the perfume and it is called ‘First’ by Van Cleef & Arpels. The Duke of Sussex writes: “At the start of our session, I lifted the lid, took a deep sniff. Like a tab of LSD … I read somewhere that smell is our oldest sense, and that fitted with what I experienced in that moment, images rising from what felt like the most primal part of my brain.”

The prince talks about how the scent brought him back to memories he experienced with his mother. “I remember one day at Ludgrove, Mummy stuffing sweets into my sock. Outside sweets were forbidden, so Mummy was flouting school rules, giggling as she did so, which made me love her even more,” Prince Harry wrote.

If you want to get your hands on Princess Diana’s favorite perfume, it is still available for purchase and it doesn’t even cost a fortune!

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