These are the dirtiest spots in your hotel room

dirtiest hotel room

We were completely fine with not knowing this!

When you sleep in a hotel, you sort of assume that your room is clean and that housekeeping did their best to make your room look spotless. And even though your room might look clean, there are definitely some spots that aren’t. These are the dirtiest spots in your hotel room.

Light switch

Hotel rooms are cleaned thoroughly. But the cleaners usually forget a pretty obvious spot in the room: the light switch. We touch it all the time and other people do too. In some cases, the light switch could even be contaminated with E.coli. Which is the bacteria found in feces. Whenever someone visits the restroom and doesn’t wash their hands properly, the bacteria can end up on the light switch. We might bring some disinfectant wipes next time we stay in a hotel!

The bedspread

Even though the sheets in your room will get cleaned and changed whenever a guest moves out of the room, the bedspread is purely decorative. And chances are that it isn’t washed when the previous person left the room. And that makes it one of the dirtiest items in your hotel room.


Just like the light switch, the remote is a spot that isn’t cleaned as much as other areas in your hotel room. And that means that it will be a breeding ground for bacteria. Especially since so many different hands touched it before yours.

Room key

Luckily, a lot of hotel rooms have keys that you don’t have to hand in. Or keys that they will throw out after you hand them in. But some hotels don’t have disposable keys and that means that before you touched that key, a lot of other people have touched it as well. And that means that it contains a lot of bacteria.

Again; we might bring some disinfectant wipes next time we stay in a hotel!

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Source: Tips en Weetjes | Image: Unsplash, Markus Spiske