Awkward: Donald Trump doesn’t know what the American flag looks like

american flag

This is definitely surprising, to say the least

Donald Trump frequently appears in the media for his remarkable statements, but this time isn’t so much something he’s said, but something he’s done. It happened during a visit to a children’s hospital in Ohio by the American president. Of course, a visit like this is all very noble and we’re sure his intentions were fine, but the visit didn’t exactly go flawlessly.

America is stunned by Trump’s ignorance.

American flag

The children were supposed to colour the American flag together with Trump. He bends over the picture and then, to the surprise of almost the entire USA, he starts to colour it all wrong! Normally, the American flag has red and white stripes, with one blue rectangle in the corner. Trump seems to have invented a new flag, though. The president of the United States coloured the American flag with red, white and blue stripes. Maybe he should take another good look at the real flag?


The people on Twitter had a field day with Trump’s mistake. Here are some of the hilarious reactions of the American people:

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Source: Telegraaf | Image: video still Acnologia