What shape are your fingers? THIS is what it says about your personality!

Type B
You’re a loyal person and you never abandon people. You are quick to fall in love. Sometimes this can be a little too quick since you give your heart to someone who can easily break it. This can cause problems for your confidence. Because of this, you don’t always feel at ease when you’re around strangers. You’re someone who has a clear goal in mind and if you work for something you always succeed.

Type C
You are a person who acts mostly according to their feelings and sometimes you have trouble keeping those feelings in check. This turns you into an open book, but at times your feelings control you a little too much. You easily get attached to things, people and animals, but you can also let go of them if you have to. You always want to please everyone, which sometimes leads to you taking care of other people before taking care of yourself.

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Source: Bright Side | Image: Video still YouTube

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