This is how much the members of the British royal family are worth each

Prince Harry

The 34-year-old Duke also has a worth of 40 million dollars, just like his brother. Of course, he has part of this money due to his mother and grandmother. He hasn’t been handed it all, though. Prince Harry worked as captain of the British army for a couple of years, and he earned 50,000 dollars a year doing this.


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Meghan Markle

Before she married Prince Harry, the newest member of the royal family had made a nice sum of money for herself already. The Independent can tell us that Meghan was worth 5 million dollars before she married Harry. We all know that the American was an actress before marrying. She made most of this money by playing Rachel Zane on the popular TV show Suits. She also wrote articles on her blog The Tig and had an extremely popular Instagram account (which has since been deleted).

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Source: GlamourTown and Country, The Independent, Forbes | Image: video still, Wikimedia Commons, Northern Ireland Office

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