Romantic royals: Prince William has done something very sweet for Kate Middleton

prince william
Prince William made such a sweet gesture

We love a bit of romance and so do Prince William and Kate Middleton as it turns out. Even though they’ve been married for seven years and have three children, they still do very sweet things for each other. During a visit to the north of Jordan, William took a photo at the exact same spot as his beloved did when she was only four years old.

Next time, the kids will be in the photo as well!


Not everybody knows this, but Kate Middleton used to live in Jordan as a child, from when she was two years old until she was four. She lived there with her family because her father worked for British Airlines there. Recently, Prince William took a work trip to Jordan and he decided to take a photo at the exact same spot Kate took a photo so many years ago.


Although this seems (and is) very romantic, the picture wasn’t William’s own idea. The Duke of Cambridge was visiting the crown prince of Jordan, and he was the one who showed William the spot. William did joke about taking his children to the spot the next time he comes to visit the country.



We love Prince William and Kate Middleton and their little family. George and Charlotte are adorable little children, and although we haven’t seen much of Louis yet, we think it’s safe to say he’ll be just as cute as his older siblings. It’s clear there’s a lot of love between Kate and William and that they adore their children.

Here are some lovely pictures of the family:

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