Is Prince Charles really Prince Harry’s father? Take a look at these photos and judge for yourself

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Prince Harry might not be Prince Charles’ son!

There are a lot of conspiracies going around on the internet on all kinds of topics. Some are so far fetched that they don’t even make sense anymore, but this time the evidence seems pretty damning. Photos have surfaced of a man who was quite close to Princess Diana. And guess what? The man is the spitting image of Prince Harry…

Take a look and judge for yourself.

Horse riding instructor

Since the dawn of the internet, gossip and rumours have the ability to travel pretty much at the speed of light. That’s also true for the theory about Prince Harry’s paternity. Many people think Harry doesn’t look like his father at all. And where did that red hair come from? Photos have surfaced of Diana’s riding instructor James Hewitt. He’s a good-looking man with, yes indeed, red hair…


As many know, Prince Charles and Camilla had a relationship in the early 1970s. However, because Charles couldn’t fully commit to her, she moved on and married Andrew Parker Bowles. Charles went on to date Diana’s sister, Sarah, but ended up marrying the 20-year-old Diana in 1981. However, in the meantime, he never forgot his feelings for Camilla. After William and Harry were born, Prince Charles started an affair with his old flame Camilla. Diana started an affair with her riding instructor James Hewitt as revenge. When asked why she and Charles split up, Diana said “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” referring to the affair between Charles and Camilla.


The theory isn’t completely a stab in the dark, because we know Princess Diana had an affair with this James Hewitt. The affair lasted for about five years and all of this was going on around Prince Harry’s year of birth. However, they claim that the affair started after 1986 after Harry was born. Both parties have admitted they had an affair, so up until that point, it’s all facts. Whether this affair has led to the birth of a child remains guesswork, though.


We’ll probably never know the truth for sure, but James Hewitt has denied these rumours. He claims the affair with Diana started two years after Harry’s birth and that they didn’t even know each other before that. Plus, red hair is part of Diana’s family, the Spencer family, as well, so that could explain Harry being ginger. This means it might just be a coincidence that Diana had an affair with a red-headed man. News of the World claims they’ve tested Harry’s DNA against that of James Hewitt and that they’re not related. Of course, we’ll never know if that is in fact true.

There certainly is a resemblance… What do you think?

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Source: Cosmopolitan, USA Today | Image: video still