Twitter speculates… Is Meghan Markle already pregnant?


The internet is full of rumours that Meghan Markle is pregnant

It’s almost two weeks ago now that prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot while the entire world was watching. Now that they’re married, they’ve become the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Their beautiful ceremony was held at the St George’s Chapel in Windsor and Twitter was ablaze with love over the couple and their happiness.

The fairytale-like wedding is only just over, but the internet is all over new rumours about the happy couple…

Big secret

According to the speculations that are going around on Twitter, the Duchess of Sussex is already pregnant. Of course, members of the British royal family are not allowed to start having children before they are married, which makes this an interesting rumour. As people who’ve been following the happy couple for a while might be aware of, this isn’t the first time that the former actress doesn’t keep to the rules of the British royal family. According to the latest rumours, it might just be true that Meghan has been keeping a very big secret for quite a while already…


Fair is fair, right now this is all just speculation that’s going around the internet. Nothing has been confirmed by the royal family as of yet. But still, there’s a certain group of people that’s convinced that Meghan Markle is pregnant, and there are a couple of things they base it on.

Remember how beautiful the Duchess of Sussex looked?

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