These are the things you should NEVER clean with paper towels!

paper towels

Paper towels aren’t good for everything

It’s the best thing since sliced bread: paper towels. Dirty kitchen surfaces? Clean it with a paper towel. Need to drain bacon from all the grease? Place it on a paper towel. Nuclear disaster? Paper towel. This absorbing paper is indispensable in every household, and we’ve always got some on hand just in case.

Although it may seem as if a paper towel is the solution to all your problems, there are a couple of objects you shouldn’t use it on.

Your glasses
If you’ve got grease stains on your glasses, it might be easy to just grab a paper towel, but you really shouldn’t. Most glasses have a protective layer on them and if you rub paper on this you could scratch it! A new pair of glasses is a lot more expensive than a good cloth to clean them with, so you’re better off buying one of those instead of using paper towels.

Wooden furniture
If you wipe away dust on your wooden furniture with a paper towel, you risk scratching your beautiful objects, and you don’t want that. To keep your wooden table and dresser looking nice, use a soft cloth a drop of lacquer.

The screen of your iPhone, for example, is very vulnerable and sensitive to scratches, so you should never clean or polish it with a paper towel. Use a microfiber cloth to get rid of small stains or spots and use an alcohol wipe if you want to clean the screen more thoroughly. This way, your phone is clean and it’ll still look as good as new.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pixabay