Pretty much impossible: can you spot the hidden bird in between the Christmas trees?

hidden bird
Do you see the hidden bird?

December is in full swing and it’s almost Christmas! We can hardly wait until that day is finally here, but we have to admit that all the hassle around it can be quite stressful. We imagine you might be feeling the same, so we’ve got something fun to do for you in between all the gift shopping and other stress. It’s just to clear your mind and do something completely different for a while.

There’s a small red bird hidden in the picture below. Can you find it?


hidden bird

This one’s a bit more difficult than similar pictures with hidden things that are going around the Internet at the moment. In between all of the Christmas trees and their decorations it’s night impossible to find the little bird. But believe us: it’s really there. Apparently, it takes the average searcher about two minutes and 26 seconds to spot the bird. Can you do it in less time than that?

Here’s the solution, in case you really can’t find it:

hidden bird

Did you manage to find the hidden bird?

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Source and images: Good Housekeeping