These 12 forbidden photos prove that North Korea really shouldn’t be your next holiday destination


In North Korea, the children have to go to so-called children’s camps from early childhood on. Here they are drilled until they obey and ‘work’ as the state would like.

Only the government and officers own a car

In Korea, only regime officials and the military may own and drive cars. The rest of the population has to travel on foot, by bus or cart. This could also explain why only 2.5% of the roads in North Korea are paved at all.

No internet, only intranet

There is no internet in North Korea. This is strictly prohibited and the use will be severely punished. There is only a so-called ‘intranet’, which may only be used by state officials and which contents are strictly controlled. If you do not comply with these rules, then you will be publicly executed.

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Source: WikipediaTopsEadyVoyage , Youtube| Images: Videostill Youtube and Pinterest