Dad and son take the same picture every year for 27 years and the final one is particularly moving

In 27 years you see the son grow up to be a young man

The bond between a father and his son is a special one. This father decided to create a photo series capturing the bond between him and his son by taking the same picture every year for 27 years. However, the final picture in the series is slightly different.


Becoming a father can be a wonderful moment. Many dads and moms are very proud of their children and like to capture the beautiful moments with them. As children grow older, sometimes they don’t want to be photographed, but try to get them to do so. At the end of the day, you will have some precious images, as this father can attest.

The photo series

Every year, for 27 years, this father took a similar picture with his son. The series of photographs clearly shows how both father and son slowly change. This makes for a moving series, but especially the last photo must have been emotional for both father and son.

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