Do these simple things and people will like you within 4 seconds

It’s pretty easy to get people to like you

It can be pretty difficult to make a good first impression in some situations, like a job interview. Of course, you want people to like you right away and that can be a challenge, especially if you’re nervous. Nicolas Bootman wrote a book about how to get people to like you and in it, he provides a few tips everyone should know about. For example, at first meeting someone, there are a few steps you can follow so you give a good first impression.

It doesn’t have to be difficult at all.


The most important thing is to be mindful of your posture. This bit is essential for a good first impression. Always face your heart towards the person you’re talking to. That means you don’t stand at a diagonal angle from them and you don’t cross your arms either. This can come off as rather hostile and your conversation partner might feel a bit intimidated.

Eye contact

Now, we don’t mean to say you should obsessively stare into the other person’s eyes because that’s counterproductive, obviously. Yet it is important to look someone in the eye when you’re talking to them. This will make you come across as interested and other people experience it as pleasant as well.


If you’re the first person to smile, people will be more likely to perceive you as a friendly person. You don’t have to stand around with a grin on your face the entire time, but a smile when you’re meeting someone for the first time will work wonders.


Make sure you always say something before you shake someone’s hand. This will make a good impression. Then, firmly shake the person’s hand and repeat their name. Something like: “Nice to meet you, John!” It’s both a good way to remember their name and proof that you’re truly interested in knowing the other person’s name.

Bend forward

Don’t lean back during a conversation because this will come across as if you’re not interested. Bend forward a little bit and don’t cross your arms. This will make you seem open and interested.

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Source: Business Insider | Image: pxhere