What are your New Year’s resolutions? THIS is what your zodiac sign says about your resolutions!

Let’s go back in time! Relive your youth by meeting up with people from that time and have loads of fun days out. Get those boxes with pictures and other memories out from the attic and travel through time.

Get to know your family better this year. Dive into your family’s history and explore your family tree. Perhaps you’ll learn some interesting things about yourself you had no idea about. It’s definitely worth a try!

It’s time to get organised. Start with your make up, then your clothes, kitchen, bedroom until you’ve gone through everything. You’ll be organising your home, but that makes for an organised mind as well. This way, you’ll be done with the spring cleaning before you know it!

In 2019, gather your strength from the people you love. Try to enlarge your circle of friends by meeting loads of new people. Approach interesting people and ask others to introduce you to people. Surround yourself with lots of people this year!

You’ve got a few habits that don’t make you happy at all. Most of those things you do out of boredom or when you’re stressed out. Try to get rid of those habits this year and replace them with ones that do make you happy. Think of why you’re doing something and then think of something you could do instead. You’ll feel great!

2019 will be all about travel for you! At the start of the year, think of four places you want to visit and write them down. If your budget and schedule allow it, try to plan a trip for every season of the year. Plan as much or as little about the trips as you like. You’ll have a great time!

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Source: Cosmopolitan | Image as illustration 

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