Mother-in-law Did The Most Unforgivable And Unthinkable Thing

A sunny wedding

Many couples choose to find the perfect location for their wedding at a local spot. Rick and Tracey, however, had their sights set on Columbia as the perfect spot for their wedding. Tracey was therefore quick to share the romantic destination on social media, to which she received different reactions. On one hand, people are positive, but some also wonder why they are going all the way to Columbia.

Gina is not afraid to speak her mind, and expresses her disapproval of the wedding being held so far away. For example, she felt it was unnecessary to go to a country where they didn’t speak English, and she thinks that you can quickly risk danger there. After all, according to her, many people are kidnapped and murdered in Columbia. In addition, Tracey could not stand the fact that she did not have a positive word to say about the wedding, such as the special dress in which she is getting married.

What Tracey did not yet know, however, is that a great danger lurks….