Crazy! These are the most expensive products in the world

Anyone want a bar of chocolate for 450 euros or a watermelon for 6000 euros?

We all know that products like caviar and truffle are expensive. But some things take it a step further. In this category we’ve put a few in a list. These ten products sell for crazy high prices. The pasta with white truffle won’t seem so bad next time you order it!

1. Nakazawa milk

One liter of Nakazawa milk costs about 50 euros. Exactly, an impressive price for a liter of milk. In the grocery store you can get about 30 liters of milk for the same price. But Nakazawa milk isn’t just any milk. The milk comes from a Japanese cow which is only milked once a week at a carefully planned time. This creates more melatonin in the milk which helps relieve stress.

2. Coffin Bay King oyster

In an oyster farm in southern Australia, they raise the most expensive oysters in the world. The Coffin Bay King oyster takes about seven years to grow and is gigantic. They often weigh over a kilo. The oyster has a unique taste and the meat is firm and juicy. This is due to the size and age of the shellfish. For these special oysters you’ll have to pay around 60 euros.

3. Wagyu

Wagyu is a special piece of meat. It has a rich flavor and super smooth texture. There are even Wagyu dinners, where the meat is completely put in the spotlight. Wagyu comes in different classifications, from A to C. A kilo of Wagyu with the highest rating [A, ed.] Will cost you around 170 euros.

4. Matcha

This may sound a little more familiar. Matcha is a green tea from Japan which can be found in several price ranges. Where does this mix-match in prices come from? Cheap matcha is often powder that is used as food coloring for cake or ice cream. Matcha-tea is much better quality and the very best matcha has the ceremonial label. The greener the matcha, the better the quality and taste. Going for the very best? You’ll need to reach deep in your pockets. Half a kilo of Ceremonial Matcha costs around 200 euros.

5. To’ak chocolate

These are the world’s most expensive chocolate bars. But why? To’ak chocolate consists of 73% pure cocoa and is made entirely in Ecuador. The chocolate is aged in old cognac and whiskey barrels. This gives it a very special taste that cannot be compared with other chocolate. Curious how that tastes exactly? You’ll have to pay 450 euros for just one bar.

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