Curse on the movie set: these horror films didn’t stop after filming

Did you watch these movies?

Some horror films appear to have been much scarier during filming than what we saw in theaters. You could consider them ‘cursed’ movies. Nothing is scarier than real life.

The Omen

Dating back to the 70’s, when horror movies were extremely popular, is The Omen. A movie about a boy who appears to be the antichrist. Many say it’s the most cursed movie of all times. It all started two months before filming began when the son of Gregory Peck, one of the stars of the movie, committed suicide. Thereafter, both Peck’s and a producer’s airplanes were struck by lightning in the air. All ended well both times. The same producer survived a bombing by the IRA in the hotel he was staying at. Due to the last minute cancellation of a dinner, he and many of the crew avoided a second bombing by the IRA at the restaurant where they were supposed to eat. When they rented an airplane for filming, it was switched out for another one at the last minute. The plane they had rented was given to another group and crashed even before taking off, none of them survived. One of the tiger handler’s in the zoo where the movie was filmed was killed after being attacked by a tiger. Two months after filming, John Richardson nearly met a deadly fate. The man who was responsible for the special – very scary – effects in the movie, was now working his magic in The Netherlands for the movie A Bridge Too Far. And in the same country, on Friday the 13th (in August 1976) he crashed into an oncoming car. Richardson survived but his assistant did not, she was beheaded. According to Richardson, the accident took place while he was 66.6 kilometers for the city of Ommen (The Omen). Because 666 is the devil’s number, he was too shocked to keep his eyes on the road.

Producer Harvey Bernhard later said of the making of the film, “This was the devil’s work, and he clearly didn’t want this movie to be made.”

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