Crazy! These are the most expensive products in the world

6. Vanilla

This might not be something you’d expect to see on this list, but vanilla is the most expensive spice in the world. Growing and picking the vanilla from Madagascar is very difficult and labor intensive. Hence the high price tag of about 300 euros per kilo. That’s how you get vanilla of the highest quality. The vanilla is dried for several months after picking. The total production process takes about a year. That explains a lot!

7. Manuka honey

This may seem more like a miracle food. Honey from Manuka bushes is said to cure everything. From a sore throat to bacterial viruses. The shrubs only grow in New Zealand and Australia, which makes it extra unique. You’ll have to pay 400 euros for a jar of honey. However, you must pay attention if you want to purchase such a jar, because a lot of counterfeit is sold. Real Manuka always has the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) logo.

8. La Bonnotte potatoes

Another surprising product on the list: potatoes. And yet the La Bonnotte is one of the most expensive products in the world. The French potatoes only grow in the mineral green of a small island. They are also only in season for one week a year. These special potatoes are sometimes sold for more than 400 euros per kilo.

9. Donkey cheese

Yes, it’s real: cheese made from donkey milk. In fact, this creamy, smoked, white cheese is a delicacy. The cheese comes from Siberia and is not easy to make. For donkey cheese, milk from an endangered species of donkey is used. And for 1 kilo of cheese you need 25 liters of milk. That means that the delicacy costs 1000 euros per kilo. Not something you buy at the local cheese shop. The cheese is now only made to order.

10. The Densuke watermelon

We end the list with fruit, because even that can be quite pricey. This watermelon comes from Japan and is one of the most expensive pieces of fruit in the world. The watermelon has a black skin and there are only a few thousand available each year. The Densuke watermelon was sold in 2008 for a record price of…6,000 euros! And yes, then you have one watermelon. But one with an intensely sweet taste and crunchy bite.

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