Meghan Markle’s family crosses the line again: ‘It’s Meghan’s fault’

The Markle family drama just keeps on going

Meghan Markle’s family just doesn’t stop talking to the paparazzi. They all have their opinion ready: according to them, Meghan has abandoned her family and her father Thomas in particular. Her half sister Samantha has lashed out at her pretty badly on her father’s birthday this week. Samantha says Meghan has deserted her father.

Samantha isn’t happy.


Samantha Markle took to Twitter yesterday to criticise Meghan’s behaviour. The fact that Meghan paid tribute to Nelson Mandela instead of being at her father’s birthday rubbed Samantha the wrong way. Meghan attended an event to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. According to Samantha, this was absolutely not done because Thomas Markle is dying and his daughter doesn’t want to see him, not even on his own birthday. She even said that if their father was to pass away, it would be Meghan’s fault. That’s quite the accusation…


Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, wasn’t present at his daughter’s wedding because he was said to be in hospital with heart failure. It has now come out that this was all a lie, though. He spoke to the Daily Mail and told them that he was in Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center at the time for an operation. The journalists of the Daily Mail made a call to the hospital and found out that no Thomas Markle had checked in there.


Thomas Markle’s operation was obviously an excuse for him not to be at the wedding. He had misbehaved so badly that the royal family would rather he’d not be present at the wedding. To prevent any further embarrassment, Thomas came up with a white lie. So, his health isn’t as critically bad as the family wants everyone to believe.


Meghan Markle’s family just keeps on going with all the lies and deceit. They seem determined to benefit from Meghan’s success and happiness and they love to talk to the media. It has now come out that Samantha Markle charges over 1000 dollars for an interview about her half sister and she’s also written a book about her. Thomas keeps going on about the fact that he cannot see his daughter, all because of the royal family, or so he says. The truth is that Meghan has barely had any contact with that part of her family for over 10 years already. We don’t think all this drama is going to change that any time soon…

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Source: Beau MondeGrazia | Image: videostill