Meghan Markle opens up about her first date with Prince Harry


A first date always brings a lot of nerves with it. When you like someone, you really want to know whether the feeling is mutual, but you don’t want to scare off your date either. Apparently, us normal people aren’t the only ones who struggle with this because Meghan was definitely having these feelings too.


Royal biographer Andrew Morton recently wrote a book called Meghan: A Royal Princess and the royal first date gets discussed as well. Apparently, Meghan and Harry had their first date in London. Harry was staying at Kensington Palace at the time and Meghan stayed at the Soho Hotel. According to the author, Meghan has called the date ‘intoxicating’.

First date

The date turned out to have gone very well and the two immediately decided to meet again the next day. But, and this is something many other women and men feel after a date, Meghan was afraid she might have come across as a little too eager. She thought maybe she should’ve waited a little longer before meeting Harry again, as Andrew Morton tells us.


Luckily, Meghan hadn’t been too eager at all. The two lovebirds were crazy about each other right away. After only having been together for one month they even went on holiday to Botswana together already.

Check out the interview yourself below:

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Source: Her and YouTube | Image: video still