This man saved up his change for 45 years; the final amount will amaze you!

You know what they say: every penny counts…

What do you think the life of a bank employee is like? Counting lots of bills, writing checks, exchanging money, and so on. You certainly don’t expect customers to come in and deposit all their change they had saved up for 45 years. A huge number of coins placed onto your counter. It happened to the staff of the American Ruston Origin Bank in Louisiana.

Saving pennies

In October 2015, the day starts off at the Ruston Origin Bank in Louisiana much like any other day. But that changes as soon as Otha Anders walks in. He wants to make a deposit, but not just any deposit. Otha has saved up all his money for over 45 years. Now that he finds himself in heavy weather financially, the moment has finally arrived: the collection must be deposited so that he can pay his bills.

Curious how Anders transported all his money to the bank? We will share a photo on the next page.