Inappropriate Moments Caught on Camera by a Flying Drone

These spicy pics were taken with a flying camera

Everyone knows TV programs like Funniest Home Videos, in which amateur cameramen show you all the weird shenanigans that they have managed to catch on camera. Most of these videos were shot with regular cameras, from the ground. Can you imagine the stuff someone with a flying camera would be able to come across? 

Drones have become increasingly popular, and their applications are limitless. Thanks to drones, we can see the world from a completely different perspective. They can be used in a variety of fields, such as filming, photography, inspections or deliveries. Drones are also a great tool for videographers who want to show viewers the beauty of nature, architecture or cityscapes.

Most of us are familiar with programs like ”Funniest Home Videos,” where we can see footage of everyday life that can make us laugh to tears. However, what happens when we replace an ordinary camera with a drone? In that case, not only will we have the chance for shots that would not normally be available, but also for amazing instances that only happen thanks to flying machines.

We present you with a collection of inappropriate moments caught on a drone camera.

Caught kissing

This couple was sure they had found a private, secluded place to express their love to one another. Little did they know that someone was just filming the area with his drone. He accidentally caught the two lovers on camera while they were kissing eachother. Maybe they can request the footage from the cameraman and play it during their wedding?

Stone throwing

This woman had not been informed by her landlord that the property was going to be filmed by a drone. She mistook the drone for a creepy stranger who was trying to peep through her windows. The woman didn’t take half measures to get rid of the drone, she immediately ran outside and threw a stone towards the drone. She missed, but the drone operator decided to return on another day. With notice.