Hilarious Photos Proving What Happens in Vegas Should Stay In Vegas

Ah, the classic mistake of not napping before hitting the casino floor! Vegas-goers know that Sin City has the ability to wear you out, so when this gambler skipped out on taking a power nap, she found herself gambling away her money instead.

At the Heart Attack Grill, visitors can feel like they’re in a hospital! With their hospital theme, waitresses dressed as nurses, and customers in hospital gowns and wrist bracelets, this burger joint is a crazy Vegas experience. As if that wasn’t wild enough, the Heart Attack Grill has a fitting slogan: “fighting anorexia since 2010!

This woman’s wild BFF bachelorette party in Las Vegas definitely made its mark – literally! She wasn’t ready to take the leap with a real tattoo, so instead, a friend wrote “I love Vegas” on her back with a marker as a “trial run” before she went through with a real and permanent tattoo. We’re pretty sure that tattoo never made it to the parlor and just stayed in Vegas!

These girls were out to have some fun with Zach Galifianakis, AKA Alan. Known for being the funniest of the four main cast members from The Hangover, many were not surprised to find him just wandering the streets of Vegas all by himself. He stumbled his way into their Vegas Party and made for an unforgettable night full of laughter and memories (or lack thereof).