Lady Kicks Out “Homeless Beggar”- Had The Surprise Of Her Life When She Found Out The Truth

Homeless Man’s Shocking Secret ROCKS Town!

There he was again! After having kicked out the same, old, seemingly homeless guy over and over again the past couple of weeks, Claire was ready to call the cops when she saw him walk up to the car dealership again. 

Her boss had even scheduled an extra meeting to inform her and all her colleagues about this man. He’d shown up multiple times, each time looking worse than before, begging them to help. The last time it got so bad he was slurring his words and yelling at other customers. The only thing saving the sales of that day, was the extraordinary discounts handed out to all the potential buyers because of the inconvenience. Claire could still hear the manager yelling after that mess.

She had briefly talked to the guy, apparently named Dave, while she and a colleague were dragging him out. He told her he was born and raised in this city and always lived a comfortable life, up until the moment the economy crashed and burned Dave’s life to the ground. “If you would just listen to me, you would understand!”, he said. Claire almost felt sorry for him, she always had a soft spot for the helpless and elderly. However, the scene from just moments ago and the fear of losing her job, made her unresponsive to his pleas.

Now he was roaming the parking lot once more. He looked just as disheveled as last time: stains all over his trousers, tangled and matted long hair, and she even thought she could see a hole in his shoes! 

She walked up to him to tell him to leave immediately or she would get him arrested. But then she saw. Was that really who she thought it was, walking alongside Dave? It couldn’t be! 

Claire’s heart raced as Alexander Kincade stood beside Dave. Beside Dave! Alexander, the face behind Kincade Enterprises wasn’t just wealthy and famous; he was the big name in the tech industry. 

He was leading the field in green energy, making the world a greener and better place. In the car world, his electric designs were masterpieces, combining beauty with brains – true art on wheels. Claire’s boss had often talked about how much he liked Kincade’s work.