Boy Keeps Making Strange Hand Signals During Flight – When Stewardess Realizes Why, She Orders the Plane To Land

Now he was doing it again. ‘This can’t be a coincidence,’ Carole thought while looking at the boy walking into the plane. There was something about him. Something that gave her a bad feeling. A really bad feeling.

It took her back right to that one day. That day she had so desperately wished to forget. That day had changed her life forever. And not in a good way… She had decided to forget about it. To just leave it behind and go on living her life like everything was fine. But now, this boy stepped into her plane.

At first, she hadn’t really noticed him. She was busy doing her duties as a flight attendant. She had a lot of things to do on her checklist once the passengers boarded the plane, so her mind was occupied with that. But it didn’t take long before her mind was occupied with something entirely different…

From the minute the boy stepped onto the plane, Carole had an odd feeling about him. She couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but something about him told her to pay close attention. ‘What is it? What are you trying to tell me?’ Carole thought, pensive. She bit her lip and squinted her eyes to take a better look at him.

As the boy moved down the aisle, Carole’s instincts urged her to observe every detail. He seemed young, probably no more than twelve years old. He had a nervous energy around him that was almost palpable. His eyes darted around the cabin, never settling in one place for too long, as if he was worried someone might be watching him. He specifically seemed to avoid looking at the woman at his side

His hands were fidgety, constantly adjusting the strap of the backpack slung over his shoulder or running through his disheveled hair. Despite the plane’s comfortable ambiance, he wore a jacket much too large for his slight frame, making him appear even smaller, almost swallowed by the fabric. Even his walk was hesitant, each step taken with a cautiousness that was unusual for someone his age.

Carole couldn’t ignore the alarm bells ringing in her head. ‘Why does he seem so out of place?’ she wondered, her gaze following him as he finally chose a seat. The way he glanced around before sitting down, the slight tremble as he stowed his backpack under the seat in front of him—every little action screamed that something was off.