Jamie Oliver imposes drastic rule on his 14-year-old daughter… Would you do this?

One of the world’s most beloved chefs, Jamie Oliver, has banned his 14-year-old daughter Daisy from sharing selfies. The TV chef is of the opinion that these days young girls are doing all they can to score likes on social media. He says that teenage girls are going as far as sharing images that border on the pornographic.

Online life
The 42-year-old dad says he’s part of the first generation of parents whose children lead a second life online. Oliver clarifies that this is not the case for all teenagers, but when he sees pictures of 13 or 14-year-old girls he sees one of two things: “[There’s] normal young girls, and then this weird hybrid of – dare I say it – quite porno sort of luscious kind of pouty lips, sort of pushing boobs out.” It’s quite worrying, according to the Brit.

Jamie calls this trend among young girls “frightening”. He says he often wonders whether the parents of these girls don’t intervene. Some people think Jamie has a double standard, since he regularly shares pictures of his family, including his children. He has 5 children: Poppy Honey (15), Daisy Boo (14), Petal Blossom (8), Buddy Bear (7) and River Rocket (15 months).

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Source: Nieuwsblad, BBCImage: Videostill YouTube This Morning

This is what Jamie Oliver looked like back in the day! Do you recognize him?