Inappropriate moments caught on camera by a drone

These spicy pics were taken with a flying camera

Everyone knows TV programs like Funniest Home Videos, in which amateur cameramen show you all the weird shenanigans that they have managed to catch on camera. Most of these videos were shot with regular cameras, from the ground. Can you imagine the stuff someone with a flying camera would be able to come across? 

The drone camera flew in low over a beach, and the first thing it noticed was a group of young people gathered around a bonfire. They were laughing and talking together, but then one of the people pulled out some drinks and started passing it around. In no time, everyone was drinking and acting inappropriately. The drone was able to capture some of the funniest and most embarrassing moments of the night, including when one of the ladies took off her shirt and started dancing around the fire.

The drone then moved on, capturing the antics of other beach-goers. A large group of teenagers were playing a game of beach volleyball, but their game quickly turned into a full-on water fight. The drone was able to capture some of the wildest water fights it has ever seen, complete with spectacular dives and flips. Other beach-goers were also enjoying their time in the sun. A couple was spotted lying on a beach towel, and they were soon joined by another couple who started making out. The drone was able to capture the passionate moment, even though it was flying high above them. It was a truly unique experience, watching all of these people enjoying the summer day from above.

We present you with a collection of inappropriate moments caught on a drone camera. Continue on to the next page for the first one!