Apparently, Prince Harry’s friends don’t like Meghan very much


Even though Harry tries his hardest to include Meghan, she has lots of difficulties as she’s very stoic about her own views and she stays true to her own values. Normally, the Royal Family doesn’t comment on politics in public, but Meghan is very strong-headed in private. Harry has done everything in his power to include her. “He has introduced her to them all at parties and weddings and private dinners, but she is very anti a lot of the things that their world functions upon, such as shooting.”


Harry has already changed some of his habits because of his wife. He didn’t go to the traditional Boxing Day shooting because Meghan is an avid animal rights supporter and she’s against shooting. She also refuses to wear leather or fur and she tries to eat vegan as much as she can.


According to Lady Colin Campbell, Meghan will have to get used to living a lonely life with the Royal Family. Luckily, beneath Meghan’s charm and softness, she’s quite tough. Princess Diana also felt very lonely in her marriage with Charles, but we hope Meghan will find her way and meet new friends.

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Source: The Sun | Image: Video still