What’s the first thing you see in this picture? This is what it says about you

The first thing you see in this picture says a lot about your personality

We regularly come across images on the internet that are optical illusions: you can see multiple things in them. But did you know that your perception of these images can say a lot about your personality? This picture is a great example of that. What’s the first thing you see? A monkey hanging from a branch or the head of a tiger?

A personality test based on the first thing you see in this picture.

Tiger’s head

Is the first thing you see here the head of a tiger, lion or panther? This is because you’re a practical person. You’re good at analysing things and then explaining them to others in a way that’s easy to understand. You’re a true go-getter and you’re never the first one to give up on a task. The other side of this is that you can be a little stubborn sometimes and you tend to want to do things your own way. You’re not one to step out of your comfort zone easily. You get insecure when things can also be done in a different way than your own. Although you might consider working on your adaptability, you can always count on your analytical mind and find a good solution for every situation.

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