Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill didn’t realize who he was posing with in this picture

The Ellen Show

After the incident, Ed O’Neill was invited to The Ellen Show to tell about what happened after the picture went viral. “The next day my manager send me this and said: ‘There is 53,000 likes.’ I said: ‘Who is this?’ First I didn’t even know what ‘likes’ was.” Even after a closer look, the actor still didn’t recognise his famous fan.

Big revelation

Ed’s manager then finally told the actor who he had been posing with: it was no one other than renowned pop star Britney Spears! Not someone you expect to run into at the airport, even when you’re a household name yourself. Still, we’re surprised that the actor had no idea who this female fan was. But apparently, O’Neill has made the same mistake before…

Ed Britney

Not the first time

During his interview in The Ellen Show Ed revealed that this was not the first time he hadn’t recognised a world-famous star. One night he was asked to speak to a fan through the phone, which he agreed to do. He had no idea who he was talking to and rushed to end the conversation. Only moments later, he realised that the person who gave him the phone was Randy Jackson, and that he had in fact been speaking to his brother, Michael Jackson!

So that’s two of the worlds’ most iconic singers that Ed O’Neill had the chance to speak to, but didn’t recognise at that time. No wonder his appearance in The Ellen Show was called “Ed O’Neill Has the Worst Celebrity Recognition Skills Ever”…

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Source: Obsev, TheEllenShow | Images: videostills