Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill didn’t realize who he was posing with in this picture

Ed O'Neill

The photo of the actor and this fan soon went viral

Being recognised by a fan is nothing new for world famous Modern Family and Married…with Children actor Ed O’Neill. Once, a big fan ran into him at the airport. To capture this special moment, they had their picture taken together. Curiously, Ed had no idea who he was posing with, until the picture went viral and his manager called him immediately.

Iconic sitcoms

Ed O’Neill has appeared on several iconic sitcoms and is probably best known for his roles as Jay Prittchett in Modern Family or Al Bundy in Married…with Children. Both series ran for an incredible 250 episodes or more and had many loyal viewers all over the world. It’s no surprise that fans recognise Ed when he’s out in public. It happened to the actor a few years ago while he was waiting at the airport. A woman asked if they could have their picture taken together. Ed agreed, but had no idea that the picture would soon make headlines.

Not recognised

When Ed’s manager and daughter saw the fan picture, they immediately called him. Ed’s daughter couldn’t believe that her father had been photographed with this woman without recognising her! Meanwhile, the picture gained ten thousands likes on social media. Unlike Ed himself, the rest of the world did seem to know who the actor was posing with: a celebrity that was perhaps even more famous than O’Neill himself…

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