Doppelganger alert: this woman is the spitting image of Meghan Markle!

Her resemblance to this doppelganger is uncanny!

Everybody knows what Meghan Markle looks like by now. A few weeks ago she got married to prince Harry while the whole world was watching. Millions of people saw her saying ‘yes’ in her white dress. The newest addition to the royal family is a true sensation on the internet and in the real world.

Now we’ve found a doppelganger who looks exactly like her…


The former actress doesn’t just get praised because of her acting talent and elegant style; her timeless beauty doesn’t go unnoticed either. She’s a beautiful mix between a mother from African-American descent and a father with an Irish, English and Dutch background. So, what makes Meghan so beautiful? It’s probably the combination of her dark, shiny hair, chestnut eyes and gorgeous cheek bones. It sounds like a unique mix, but there’s someone out there who bears an uncanny resemblance to the new princess!


Erica Lauren, a plus size model from Los Angeles, has been getting a whole lot of comments from people about her resemblance to the new Duchess of Sussex. She has posted a picture of herself next to a picture of Meghan Markle on her Instagram page and writes: “I haven’t said too much about all of these Meghan Markle comparisons that people keep making but since I’m about to sit down and get caught up on this Royal Wedding and all, I might as well share! Tell me, what do YOU think?” We do see a couple of differences, but the resemblance between Megan Markle and her doppelganger really is rather uncanny!

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