These Are The 8 Most Dangerous Animals On Earth

We definitely didn’t expect the last one

From watching monkeys at the zoo to admiring butterflies on the street. We are not easily afraid of animals. Yet there are some animals you’d rather not encounter, because it can quickly go wrong. Read on for the most dangerous animals in the world. We start with number eight and end with the most dangerous animal on earth. Did you expect this? 

8. Sharks

After seeing the movie Sharks, we were all afraid to dive into the deep sea again. Before you know it, you run into a shark, and you’re probably not gonna like this encounter… However, although we occasionally hear it on the news, there are “only” six human deaths each year from shark attacks. Other animals, on the contrary, are much scarier….

7. Wolves

Wolves are not so much afraid of people. Rather, they avoid them. But occasionally, because of rabies, fear and even provocation by the victims, wolves can suddenly attack. In that case, especially farm animals suffer. Think sheep, but also dogs.

Wondering what’s even more dangerous than a shark or wolf? You’ll read about it on the next page!