Can you spot the particularly well-camouflaged snake in this photo?

Camouflaged snake in the photo

Below is the original tweet that Helen, a student of snake biology in Florida, sent to the world. The tweet now has nearly 4,000 retweets and hundreds of frustrated responses from people who can’t find it. And we get it, because the camouflaged snake is barely visible in the photo – until you see the image as it appears below – we all stared, open-mouthed.

Do you see it?

The snake in question is a copper head, which easily camouflages itself with its earthy colors. The snake is poisonous, but its venom is not usually fatal to humans. It is mainly found in the central and southeastern United States. Have you been staring at the photo for minutes? Then scroll down for the answer. Because yes, it really is there!

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