Bizarre! This man can turn his head almost 180 degrees


According to Dr Simran Deo, there are very few people who can do the trick safely. She warns that the stunt could lead to paralysis and stroke: “The cervical spine should only move 90 degrees from side to side. That means your neck should only rotate so that your ear is in line with your shoulder. Rotating it past that point can wreak havoc on the nerves in your spine and the large blood vessels in your neck that supply oxygen to your brain.”

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How is it possible?

Dr. Deo explains how it is still possible for some people to do the trick: “I suspect there are very few people who can actually do the stunt, but one of the reasons could be because of extra joint mobility or connective tissue problems. That is when muscles, ligaments and tendons are stretchier than normal, allowing the joints to bend further than in people who do not have these conditions. Generally this is not something you should try because it can lead to paralysis or reduced blood flow to the head and neck, which can result in a stroke.

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Source: LADbible | Image: TikTok user @sheaabutt00.