Bizarre: Man tests positive for drugs after eating poppy seed bread

Poppy seeds

“Yesterday he came to see me. I had made his favorite bread, so he took four slices home with him. He had eaten two here yesterday and used the other two to make sandwiches. He took it to his job interview, where he would be all day,” the sister said on social media. That job interview was cut short when the man tested positive for drugs. However, the man hadn’t even been anywhere close to narcotics. How did that happen? “The poppy seeds made him fail his drug test,” the sister says. And this had major consequences. “Because he didn’t pass the test, he wasn’t hired. No matter how much he tried to persuade them.” The sister therefore wants to warn anyone who has to undergo a drug test: “Don’t eat bread with poppy seeds 2-3 days before you have a drug test.”

Morphine and heroin

It all sounds very unbelievable, doesn’t it? Testing positive for drugs when you’ve only eaten a few poppy seed sandwiches? Well, oddly enough, it’s completely true. Poppy seed comes from opium poppies and can be covered by opium during the harvesting process. “Opium extract is used to make opioids, such as morphine, codeine and heroin,” according to Healthline. Although poppy seeds are thoroughly cleaned before being processed for consumer use, they may still contain traces of opiate residue. This concentration is not enough to produce the effect of an opioid like morphine or heroin, but it can be enough to produce false positive drug tests. ah!

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Source: LadBible | Image: Pexels