American blogger ‘who is too ugly’ to post photos hits back and receives dozens of statements of support


A few days ago, Melissa again received many hateful comments. People told her not to post pictures of herself anymore because she was too ugly. “During the last trollgate, people said I should be banned from posting pictures of myself because I am too ugly,” Melissa wrote on Twitter. Fortunately, the blogger didn’t care about the haters and put them in their place. “I would like to celebrate this with these three selfies,” she continued. Melissa’s tweet went viral in no time. The number of Melissa’s followers rose from 7500 to 46900; her tweet already has almost a quarter of a million likes and statements of support.


Many Tweeters want to support Melissa and express their admiration for her. “I’m sorry people are so mean to you. They are the ugly ones,” and “More selfies, you’re beautiful!” These are just a few of the fifty positive responses. Many also put the blogger in the spotlight by complimenting her on her sense of humor and her perseverance. Melissa, incidentally, announced that she would never be troubled. “Due to my disability, I look different. Trust me, I know that. I’ve known that all my life. Tonight I will go to bed a bit frustrated, because this is now our reality. But tomorrow I will get up again and I will continue the fight for change. Because this cannot be our future. Please let us be better than this. “

Melissa is currently receiving dozens of messages, and her tweet is being picked up globally. She has received fifty interview requests, and even a publisher has contacted her. We wish  Melissa all the best!

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Source: AD, Melissa Blake | Image: Twitter Melissa Blake