Special: mother elephant thanks rescuers after saving her baby


Mother elephant thanks her baby’s rescuers

We have known that elephants are special animals for a long time. But a mother elephant in India showed some heartwarming behavior after people rescued her baby from a ditch in South India. 

Elephant stuck in ditch

A baby elephant got stuck in a ditch while crossing a river in Kerala, South India. The elephant’s mother and the rest of the elephant family made frantic efforts to save the animal themselves, but to no avail. Then the mother animal helplessly watched the scene unfold from the other side as her child had nowhere to go. When the local population noticed the poor animal, a large group of people came to the rescue.

Five-hour rescue operation

For five hours, the helpful Kerala residents worked to free the little elephant. And when they finally succeeded, the animal’s mother thanked the rescuers in a very special way. The rescuers could not believe what they saw, but fortunately managed to capture the special scene on tape.

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