Interesting invention: the self-driving stroller

self driving stroller

What do you think? Laziness or convenience?

A Canadian startup company has developed a new type of stroller that might make things very easy for parents (or grandparents). This stroller is able to drive itself! According to the New York Post, one mother has nicknamed it the “Tesla of strollers”. And the price tag matches the name. Parents would have to pay $3,300 dollars to not push their kids around. 

Self driving stroller

Parents have a lot on their plates. They have to take care of their kids and make sure those same kids stay happy and healthy. One thing most parents do, is take their kids out for walks, day trips or vacations. And usually they have to bring a collection of toys, wipes and food with them when they go out. If you are a parent – or if you have grandchildren – you know the story. And when you’re finally out the door, your kid wants to walk. So there you are, stroller in one hand, child in the other and a whole bag of necessities that you have to haul around. A Canadian startup called Glüxkind aims to make this a whole lot easier for you. They invented a self-driving stroller that can drive around by itself while you and your child walk together.

How it works? The stroller called ‘Ella’ uses motors and smart AI software to drive without being pushed. There are sensors in the stroller that will notice when you start walking. That way, it will roll ahead in front of you. When you stop walking, the stroller has an automatic break that causes it to stop too.


The first thing we thought when we saw this new stroller, was: “but you can not let your kid drive around without holding the stroller!” Well, ‘Ella’ has got you. The stroller won’t be able to drive by itself when there is a child in the stroller. This means that you would still have to push it around when the child is occupying the stroller. The maximum speed is four miles per hour and the vehicle even has warning lights that flash when objects get too close to it, or when it is close to colliding with something. Just like a car!

Other nifty features include: a smart phone connection so you can track your stroller when it gets lost, an electric motor that will assist you when you’re pushing your stroller up the hill and there is even a built-in white noise machine to help your child relax.

What do you think? Is this a genius invention to help parents take the load off? Or is this just the rich parents’ dream to less ‘hands-on’ parenting?

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Source: New York Post | Image: Unsplash