Tulips are in season! With THIS trick you’ll prevent the tulips in your bouquet from drooping!


Your tulips will look lovely and fresh for much longer!

Spring has sprung and flowers are in bloom all over the place. We love the look of all of those flowers; it brings a huge smile to our faces! That’s why we like to bring a bit of that spring happiness into our homes by placing a bunch of flowers in a vase on a table. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy them for a few short days before they start to droop and wilt.

But we have a tip that’ll make your tulips last much longer!


The tulip season is upon us and you can find them in all kinds of beautiful colours. Unfortunately, most bouquets don’t last as long as you want them to, and the flowers start to droop a lot sooner than you hoped. It’s always a bit disappointing when that happens and it can feel like a waste to buy them if they look so sad so quickly. Luckily, we’ve got a tip for you that’ll ensure your tulips will last longer than just a couple of days. You only need a few simple things!

The trick

All you need is a bunch of tulips (obviously), a needle and a vase. Take a vase that’s big enough to hold the flowers and fill it with water. Then, take a tulip and prick a small hole in the stem, just beneath the flower. Repeat this process for all of the flowers and then arrange them nicely in the vase. Pricking the stems prevents the tulips from growing any taller and that will in turn prevent them from drooping. You’ll be able to enjoy your flowers for much longer!

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Source: Margriet | Image: Pixabay