Handy! If you do THIS with your store-bought tomatoes they’ll stay fresh for much longer!

Why didn’t we know about this before?

We already knew that storing tomatoes in the fridge is a no go. When you cool a tomato, it loses a lot of its flavour and won’t taste as good. Plus, the structure will become a bit mealy, which isn’t what you want. Do you want to give your tomatoes a longer life span? Then you should try the following trick…

It’s very simple, but it works wonders.

Upside down

Storing a tomato outside of the fridge will lengthen its life span already. But did you know the way you place the tomato in the fruit bowl (or wherever you decide to store it) also makes a difference? Cook’s Illustrated tested which way is the best way to store your tomatoes. They placed a couple of them upside down (with the side where the stem used to go facing downwards) and stored other ones in the ‘regular’ way.

Fresh tomatoes

So, what did they find out? The tomatoes that were stored upside down remained fresh for a longer period of time. When a tomato is lying upside down, less air and moisture can get in through the spot where the stem used to be attached. This will lengthen its shelf life. When the stem is still attached to the tomato, there’s no need to store it upside down.

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Bron: Lifehacker | Beeld: Pixabay