This is what the actors from Friends are doing now

Courteney Cox – Monica Geller


Before Courteney appeared in Friends, she already had several roles to her name. Yet she is best known for her role as Monica Geller in Friends and for her role as Jules Cobb in Cougar Town. The recordings for the latter series took place after her Friends period. Courteney did so well as Jules that in 2010 she received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. After that, it became a bit quieter for the actress. Her last role was a one-off performance in the Shameless series in 2018. Two years earlier, she was the second-to-last role in the TV movie Charity Case.

Private life

In 1999, the actress married actor David Arquette. The two celebrated their love in 2004 with the birth of their daughter Coco. Unfortunately, the marriage of the two did not last. In 2010, the couple split up and in 2013 the divorce papers were signed. Courteney found a new companion at the end of 2013 in Johnny McDaid, band member of the popular Snow Patrol group. He even proposed in 2014, but that same year the two broke off the engagement. Nevertheless, the couple is still together.

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