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David Schwimmer – Ross Geller


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This city took a piece of me, but I’m still half the man I want to be. Keep pushing for your dreams everyone.

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It is quite an achievement if you can always flawlessly act like that somewhat silly Ross Geller. And that did not go unnoticed. In 1995 he received a primetime Emmy nomination for his interpretation of this character. He was again nominated in 2016, this time for his role as Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story. After Friends, David was featured in many different films and series, including Webtherapy. In the latter series, Friends fellow actor Lisa Kudrow played the leading role at the time. David has also been seen as Noah Broader in Will & Grace this year.

Private life

In 2007, David began a relationship with artist Zoë Buckman. Three years later, it was announced that the two were engaged—the two said “I do” two months later. In 2011, the couple had a daughter. In 2017, they announced that they were taking a break from their marriage. The current state of their relationship is not known, but the two were spotted together a month ago in New York.

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