Shocking: this is why it’s better to stop drinking orange juice!

Apparently, orange juice is just as bad for you as cola

Do you love drinking a glass of fresh orange juice with your breakfast? We did too, but when we saw this, we quickly changed our minds. It turns out orange juice isn’t nearly as healthy as we thought. In fact, it’s supposed to be just as bad as cola.

We’ll refrain from having that glass of delicious fresh OJ from now on…


The Dutch Health Council explains that the fruit sugars in orange juice are absorbed by the body really quickly because they enter the body in liquid form. Because they enter the body so fast in such a high quantity, the body easily converts this sugar into fat. This means you can gain weight pretty quickly, and people with more body fat will have a higher chance of getting diabetes. All from a glass of orange juice!


Did you know that if you drink one glass of orange juice every day, you will consume up to 53,000 extra calories on a yearly basis? Not only does orange juice contain many calories, but it also contains lots of sugar. One glass of OJ per day accounts to 14 kilos sugar per year. A glass of orange juice contains just as much sugar as a glass of cola. Therefore, even though orange juice sounds healthy, it won’t help you lose weight.

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