The fastest way to remove mold in the refrigerator


Quite logical, but we still say it: To make your refrigerator mold-free, you first have to remove all products from the refrigerator. If it is winter, you can put your cold goods outside. Otherwise, make sure you put your food in a cooler so it won’t go bad. Then fill a small bowl with some water and squeeze half a lemon in it. Peel the other half of the lemon and place some lemon peels in the water bowl. Put the dish in the microwave for three minutes at 700 Watt.

Then put the bowl with the lemon juice – watch out because it is hot –  directly into the refrigerator and close the door. Let the bowl steam inside for half an hour and then clean the fridge with a dish cloth. The mold in the fridge will easily be removed and your fridge will look like new! In addition, your fridge also smells fresh and fruity.

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Source: LibelleTVYour Health Coach  | Image: Videostill