By doing these exercises for three minutes every day you can get tight buttocks

Let’s go!

We would love to get tight buttocks, without having to go to the gym every day. Some women would love to have a behind like Kim Kardashian and others dream about Doutzen Kroes’ buttocks. Anyway you will have to work for it if you want tight buttocks. However, you do not have to do weight training in the gym, because freeing up three minutes off every day will get you a long way.

No squats

A few years ago, sports fanatics still called that you should squat if you want to shape your buttock better. If you have never done squats and you do 20 consecutively, then you will indeed feel some burning. In particular, those who venture into the barbell squats and do 3 sets of 15 feel muscle soreness in their buttocks the next day. The only thing is that not everyone is a fan of performing squats. And luckily that is not necessary at all if you want to train your buttocks.

Nice at home

YouTuber Traci Steele shares six exercises in a video and they all take just 30 seconds. You don’t have to go to the gym for these exercises, you can just do them at home. You don’t need anything, although a sports mat makes the exercises more comfortable. Although you may think that a few three-minute exercises do not have that much effect, you are wrong. After those three minutes you feel as if your buttocks are on fire.

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