This is why a paper towel tube is the ideal vacuum attachment

paper towel tube

Need to vacuum small nooks and crannies? A paper towel tube offers the solution

We at Tips and Tricks love weird and fun tricks and lifehacks, especially if they make household chores a little easier. That’s why we bring you this new trick today: making a handy vacuum attachment from a paper towel tube. It’s so simple but very effective! We wonder why we never thought of this before!

Don’t throw away that empty paper towel tube, but use it for this trick!


It’s so annoying when you’re vacuuming and you can’t reach a certain nook or cranny by just a few centimetres. You try to hover over it with the vacuum, but it’s no use. The dust and dirt are stuck in that secluded spot and won’t come loose. Most vacuum cleaners come with a thin attachment, but even that is too large for certain tiny crevices. You really need to have something that’s thin and flexible. That’s where a paper towel tube comes in!

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