You can buy a lint roller for only a few bucks and THESE are all the things you can do with it!

  • Have you been in the sun for too long and has your skin started to peel because of the sunburn? You can painlessly remove the loose bits of skin by gently rolling a lint roller over your skin.
  • Do you have dandruff on your shoulders? Use the roller to get it off.
  • Have you been for a nice long walk in the woods with your dog? Gently roll a lint roller over your dog’s fur to get rid of ticks, eggs and other insects.
  • Cleaning up broken glass is always tricky business. Especially the tiny bits can be difficult to get rid off entirely, but lint rollers make that issue a thing of the past! Use the roller to pick up the tiniest bits of glass.

  • You can use the roller to clean your lamp shades.
  • Sofas, too, are easily cleaned with the help of your trusty roller.
  • If you’ve just been to the hairdresser’s to get a new haircut, chances are your face and neck are covered in tiny hairs, which itches terribly! Use the lint roller to get rid of them.
  • Is your pillow covered in hairs and lint? Use the roller!
  • Your car seats will look as good as new after you’ve used your roller on them.
  • Curtains are super easy to clean with the help of your roller.
  • Got a bunch of tiny crumbs all over your table or counters? Use the lint roller to remove them!
  • The inside of your bag or purse can get pretty gross over time, with lots of lint, crumbs and other unidentifiable tiny things. That’s no trouble for your lint roller, though! It’ll be clean again in no time.

Want to see even more handy lint roller tricks? Check out the video below!

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Source: Zelfmaakideetjes | Image: video still Clean My Space