Lifehack: get rid of scratches on your phone screen with toothpaste

How it works

It actually makes quite a bit of sense that toothpaste works in this case. The whole idea behind the white stuff is to give a polishing effect. It’s good at fighting plaque on your teeth and helping even out the color of your teeth and polishing out scratches like this one. Make sure you don’t put too much toothpaste on your screen because then you might end up with blurry spots on your screen instead of just a scratch. That would mean you’d still end up having to go to a phone repair shop. Except it wouldn’t be for a scratch this time but rather for those dull spots and a phone that smells vaguely like toothpaste. Oops!

What you definitely should NOT do

Silver polish, some sources online say this can also help remove scratches from your screen. You shouldn’t be thinking: well it works wonders on my silverware so why not on my phone, too? Silver polish does a lot more harm than good for your phone screen. Silver polish is only made to be used on silver. Still want to try it? You might end up damaging the coating on your screen and be even further from the solution than you started. So, just don’t do it.

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Source: Flair | Image: Unsplash, Ali Abdul Rahman