Do you know how to cut a cake? You’ve probably been doing it wrong your entire life!

The scientific way to cut a cake explained

Cakes are pretty much synonymous to a fun time. A birthday, graduation or wedding – or just a celebration of it finally being the weekend. There’s a hardly an occasion that is not made better by a cake. But did you know we’ve all been cutting cakes wrong?

The ‘normal’ way to cut a cake is to cut it into triangular pieces – everybody knows that. It seems like a logical way to do it, too. It’s pretty easy to measure out evenly sized pieces and it looks good as well. But apparently we’re doing it wrong, according to science.

If you don’t eat the entire cake in one go, but store it in the fridge to have another piece the next day, you’ll notice that the sides of the cake that have been exposed to the air will have gone a bit dry. That is the effect of cutting it the wrong way! Luckily, there are people in this world who can explain perfectly what we’re doing wrong and how it should be done instead. And all of it based on science!

Watch the video below. Have you been doing it wrong as well?

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Source & image: Numberphile